The growth of the child, parents should not at least in front of your kids. Don’t just because you are parents, fight any time you want. That is not good.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】May 10th, 2022 The Greatest Fear of Miles Is His Parents Fighting


QMAY is working on GEDU with her husband Ryan. I am telling the truth, as for her kid’s education, I am very unsatisfied. I am not reassured about this. From herself, I think Chinese people needs GEDU education, but her education of kids with Ryan, this is a major issue. She did not do a good job educating herself. This is my words. In front of her own child, she scolds Ryan a lot, cause a lot of chaos. I heard that when she is in argument with Ryan. She can go pretty loud. Girls from Sichuan, shouting a lot. Just think about how this is going to impact her son. My biggest fear from childhood was when parents would fight. Couple days ago, I was chatting with my wife. We just had dinner together, chatting like a family.

I said, in my life, nobody knows how I got through all this. Behind all the cameras, at least people who grew up with me. The people that know me, a lot of them are watching the broadcasting today. They should, a lot of my buddies that I grew up with, they just got out of the hospital. When you wake up in the morning, this is one of my most favorite buddy, even his wife was my friend at a very young age. The information was sent from the hospital. My mood got very good. I can see he was in great spiritual condition. I am very happy. That is my irreplaceable treasure in life. When we grew up together, that is not changeable.

A lot of things in life are unique, just like you can only have one parent, Husband and wife can be plural. This kind of friends grow up with you, just one thing that I am really happy about. This is my happiest time. I was celebrating my birthday together. When I was with my family, I talk about my parents a lot. That is why I hope everyone gets a healthy family. My parents were very poor, fought a lot from morning to night. My mother was threatening to kill herself all the time, trying to hang herself. I was living in fear every day. Once I could not find my mother, or once I saw no smoke from our chimney, I would go to the well and make sure my mom did not kill herself. This is very scary, you know? The growth of the child, parents should not at least in front of your kids. Don’t just because you are parents, you can run around naked. Right, fight any time you want, keep calling names. That is not good.

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