Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights2022.5.11 Macron Changed His Tune to Xi. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Germany′S Defense Minister Turned Against to the Chancellor


You can’t imagine that Xi Jinping and France, especially Macron who the CCP fully controlled. The one who always swims with CCP, after the war between Ukraine and Russia. Macron’s call yesterday. You need to pay attention to this call, which is a revolutionary change. Macron changed his tone to Xi from that moment completely who showed no respect for Xi. Macron was always polite to three men. One is Putin, another one is Xi, he groveled with respect when he met these two men. The third one is Trump. He said this man(Trump) always thinks outside the box. Now Trump failed in re-election, and the rest two will be ruined. He turned angry with Xi.

The turning of the France was a shock blow to Xi. Then the Germany’s Scholz who was the copy of former chancellor Angela Merkel. This Scholz is a pro-Russia and pro-communist so far. I mean ”so far” as “this moment”. But after the military parade of Russia, you can see the Germany′s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Germany′s Defense Minister have already been diametrically opposed to Schultz with open. They said if you don’t start acting, if you go on talking nonsense here, we will be diametrically opposed to you. What does this mean? Every brother and sister, Xima, Wenzhi here. All over the world witness that it’s all over with Russia. Putin’s day has gone. And his whole Russian troops. The spirit of Russia is on the decline.

Russia is not one of the countries ranked top anymore. Around the whole world, we witness a remarkable force of fighting back after Russia’s invasion. It is the whole European Union (EU). What the EU did is beyond everyone’s prospective. They fought back at all costs. What they will do next is not only defeat Russia’s invasion. Not only remove Putin, but they will also disintegrate the system. These facts were told to the whole world only by us (NSFC). Russia will be disintegrated. I mean from now on! Someone has figured out the map, there will be about twenty parts on the map after Russia’ disintegration. Any country will take his own land back except China. The country whose land is still in Russia will be China only. Isn’t that sad? I will tell everybody. Next you will witness China’s disintegration. The war between China mainland and Taiwan will be the fuse of the disintegration.

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