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While governments are gradually lifting the vaccine mandate against the CCP virus (Covid-19) across the world for economic reasons, it is still rampaging in certain areas in American society, with the military being one of them.

The vaccine mandate has been carried on for quite some time now. The number of military personnel who died under unusual circumstances, were incapacitated or suffered various adverse effects has increased. However, the government and the military choose to turn a blind eye toward this phenomenon. The cause of death for those who died under unusual circumstances is listed as “pending,” and the media continues to avoid mentioning those problems at their best effort.

Those who refuse to be vaccinated continue to hold their ground and resist the military vaccine mandate through legal means but achieve very limited success. According to reports, just two out of more than 3,000 Marines who have requested a religious exemption have been granted one Whistleblower inside the US military, and hundreds of Marines have already been discharged over their refusal to be vaccinated.

In addition, there are Whistleblowers regarding the inside story on the vaccine mandate. Dr. Theresa Long, a military medical officer, recently testified in court that her superior ordered her to suppress vaccine injuries. She and two other medical professionals said they noticed a surge in neurological disorders, miscarriages, and cancer cases shortly after implementing the vaccine mandate. Still, their superiors ordered them to keep quiet about it. Dr. Long said she could not remain unforthcoming anymore as she witnessed many people being “absolutely destroyed” by the vaccine and decided to stand up.

Within the US military, whistleblowers reported that there had been abuses against military personnel who refused to get vaccinated. Experiences by those who remain unvaccinated are shaming, hazing, physical punishment and denying treatment for other medical problems, assignment of extra duty, and threatening of dishonorable discharge. Those who dare to speak out the truth face a penalty that signals the ending of their military career. Besides, whistleblowers also described “a shadow process of coercion,” which is means used by the authority to cover up serious vaccine injuries and fatalities.

People who are concerned about the problem mentioned above fear it is putting the national security of the US at risk, as many with valuable combat experience are forced to leave the military, while for those who get vaccinated, there is an increasing number of them dying or suffering health complications. Besides, public safety risks have increased because they are allowed to fly planes without being monitored for cardiac arrest and heart damage markers.

Miles Guo, the founder of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China, has repeatedly warned the world about vaccine-induced disasters beginning in May 2022. He also shares the tragic and horrible stories of how people died or were incapacitated due to the CCP virus vaccine. He stresses to his friends and NFSC fellow fighters, particularly those in countries with a high-vaccination rate, that they must face the tremendous social turmoil brought upon by the vaccine-induced disasters.

As things proceed to this point, there is no turning back now. We must be well-prepared for all problems caused by the CCP virus vaccine!

Posted by: Xueli