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According to the Cold Lake Sun report on May 5, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Director David Vigneault, in a speech at the University of British Columbia that day, urged the government to take measures to deal with disinformation and extremism on social media, while also specifically accusing the CCP of  interference in Canada’s internal affairs.

Not only has the looting of Canada’s economy and the infiltration of democratic values ​​increased significantly over the past few years, the CCP has also used its national security laws to force Chinese companies and expatriates around the world to cooperate with it to steal sensitive and classified local information, and thereby damage the interests of the host country.

In this regard, Vigneault believes that the false and extreme information disseminated by the CCP is one of the most important factors undermining Canada’s security and social cohesion.  Therefore, the federal government and intelligence services should take specific and targeted legal surveillance measures on social media in the country.

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