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According to a live report by Mr. Miles Guo on Gettr on May 8, the New Federal State of China will break the existing standardized education model and devote itself to creating a personalized educational environment.  By reducing restraint and stress, in an atmosphere of love and freedom, children can grow up happily and healthily.

The report pointed out that the New Federal State of China should focus on the cultivation of students’ character and reduce children’s excessive dependence on their parents, so as to avoid the traditional standardized cramming education.  Through traveling thousands of miles and reading thousands of books, young people can acquire the basic ability of independent thinking and judgment as soon as possible.

In addition, under the condition that the teaching force and education system are ready and sufficient financial security, the New Federal State of China education will be launched both online and offline within a year, including setting up schools in Australia or the United Kingdom and the United States, developing and owning super  software with independent intellectual property rights, etc.

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