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Translated by: MOS English Team – OuterRim


In the live broadcast on May 11, Miles Guo expounded on significant thinking changes in human society in the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian war, noting how the war had broken stereotyped thinking patterns in three ways.

First, dictatorship is not an insurmountable mountain for ordinary people.

Second, the joining of hands of the two major dictatorships, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Russia, seems to be a megamerger, but the Russian-Ukrainian war has demonstrated that the Sino-Russian alliance is actually much more fragile than anything else, unqualified to fight the Western power.

Third, Xi and Putin are adept at waging nuclear blackmail to intimidate the West. However, the West has learned that a beheading operation can remove dictators without hurting the West a bit, as well as that economic sanctions far outweigh the power of nuclear weapons, as seen in sanctions against Russia.

Based on the three points, in the future, the United States and Japan will certainly participate in the war if the CCP attacks Taiwan, and the CCP will definitely face more severe economic sanctions than Russia. No nuclear blackmail will have an effect as the economic and military situation of the entire world has changed significantly since the Russian-Ukrainian war. No one believes the CCP still has a future because it has never been cursed by the world as it is today.


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Posted by: Emily G


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