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Today, Daniel Andrews is a major figure in Australian politics.  Whilst, the conversation surrounding him continues, this time our focus is on the red elements (the Chinese Communist Party “CCP”) behind Andrews.  By taking a deeper dive into the public information, we try to explain that in Andrews’ political career, it was the presence of red aristocrats that enabled him to become the leader of the ruling party in Victoria, and hence, his strong push for the ‘Belt and Road’ framework agreement in Victoria in spite of the majority’s disapproval.

Since Andrews became the leader of the Victorian branch of the Labor Party (the opposition party at the time) in December 2010, a young Chinese, Mike Yang (Yang Chang) appeared in the first instance as Andrews’ senior adviser.  In the “7.24 series – Daniel Andrews, the pioneer of pro-communist politics in Australian politics”, we have covered the legendary experience of this “young talent”, and we will provide more details in this article.

In March 2012, Andrews, as the leader of the opposition party, took the initiative to call on Shi  Weiqiang, the CCP’s Consul General in Melbourne, and expressed that Victoria needs to develop relations with China and that the Victorian Labor Party attaches great importance to cooperation and exchanges with China and is willing to make unremitting efforts to this end.

In 2014, the Labor Party led by Andrews won the election in Victoria, and its senior adviser Yang Chang quietly stepped down.  But he was still very high-profile in the Chinese community. He was the founder and chairman of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Australia, the vice president of Xinhua TV Australia English Channel, and rewarded as the “Outstanding Youth of Chinese in the World” by the CCP’s State Council.  When the Victorian Andrews government signed the Belt and Road Framework Agreement with the CCP in 2019, local media generally believed that Yang Chang was the reason for Andrews’ close relationship with the Chinese government.

In 2018, the media revealed that, as a senior adviser to Andrews at the time of the election, Yang Chang was still the vice-chairman of the CCP’s United Front Work Organization, and the Australia-China Peace Council.  And Hong Lim, a senior Victorian Labor Party Chinese-American member, Yang Chang’s referral, has been a long-term adviser to the Advisory Council of the Health Council and was also the chairman of the Victorian Advisory Council of the Australian Chinese Community Council.  But Andrews never declared these statuses to Victorian Parliament.

The Australia-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association was founded in 2000. The former president, Huang Xiangmo, had his green card revoked and his naturalization refused by the Australian government for influencing and interfering in Australia’s internal affairs on behalf of the CCP through political donations.

At the time of the Huang Xiangmo incident in 2018, senior Labor MP Hong Lin and Andrews’ former senior adviser Yang Chang had been identified as key figures in the CCP-linked Australian lobby.  To date, both of them are still serving in the CCP’s United Front Worker.  When questioned by all sectors of the public, Andrews chose not to answer and just remains silent.

Andrews’ other senior adviser on China matters, Marty Mei (Marty Mei), has been in office since May 2017. Mr. Mei has traveled to China with Premier Andrews on several occasions. He has reportedly played a key role in developing a China strategy for the state of Victoria.

Although Mr. Mei is relatively low-key, in 2018, the media discovered that when he was appointed by the CCP as a “special adviser” to the Federation of Associations in Shenzhen, Australia.  This association is part of a network of Australian organizations under the direction of the CCP’s United Front Work Department and was founded in November 2016 by a senior CCP official, Ma Yongzhi, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of Shenzhen City.  Meanwhile, Mei is also a member of the Australian-Chinese Community Committee of Victoria (CCCAV), which is an influential organization in the local Chinese community, with many Chinese Associations and Foundations as its member.  Huang Xiangmo, who has already been expelled by the Australian government, was also the president of the Shenzhen Association of Australian Associations.

There was another legendary consultant alongside Andrews.  Jean Dong, a glamorous Chinese lady who the media noted “this young Chinese businesswoman has become a key figure behind the controversial ‘Belt and Road’ framework agreement in Victoria”.

According to Dong’s self-introduction, she worked as a reporter since she was a child, and became a CCTV location host when she was merely a teenager; she went to study in Oceania at the age of 17, and at the age of 24 she won the Australian branch of the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant hosted by Phoenix Satellite TV;  Dong held many important positions.  She then set up a number of consulting firms, claiming to be “actively involved in advising the Victorian government on Australia-China engagement”.

Jean Dong, is CEO of the Australia-China Belt and Road Initiative (ACBRI).  She has recruited former federal trade minister Andrew Robb, former Labour finance minister Lindsay Tanner, and Mark Ellison, CEO of  Elders Limited (an Australian agricultural listed company) also joined the advisory board of ACBRI, which she founded.

The Victorian government paid her firm $36,850 in consultancy fees before Andrews signed the Belt and Road framework agreement with communist China without federal government approval in October 2019.  Her company was instrumental in sealing this deal in Victoria.

On March 27, 2020, in an exclusive interview with the CCP media “Guangming Daily”, Jean Dong openly praised the four-point initiative put forward by the “accelerator”, President Xi, which provided a Chinese solution to the global fight against the epidemic and the global economy.

In light of Andrews’ three Chinese senior advisors, the presence of the red elements could not be more than clear. I believe readers must be puzzled why the leader of the second-largest economy state in Australia, Andrews, does not have the slightest concern about mingling with the red aristocrats, and whether Australia, a western democratic country,  is truly helpless, or just chose to be indifferent?

Needless to say, the CCP has already infiltrated Australian society deeply with its BGY program.   Andrews remains to be untouchable despite the ongoing exposure and questioning brought by the federal government and media reporters, and the investigation carried out by the Victorian anti-corruption agency.  There are always forces to defend him.  Currently, the Labour party is still the ruling party in Victoria.  It has legislative power, and thus Andrews’ position is still quite stable.  However, the truth will always prevail, and this is what the Whistleblowers’ Movement is all about.  We will drop the red elements behind Andrews bit by bit, and let the rational Australian people think for themselves. We hope that in the forthcoming election in Victorian this November, the running dogs of the CCP will be banished.

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