Written by: Naughty
Translated by: billwilliam

Immama gma gemage

Though the CCP regime maliciously altered our viewership data on social media, the Whistleblower Movement is gaining popularity in China and around the globe.


During his live broadcast on May 15, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo accused the Chinese Communist Party regime of altering the viewership data of the Whistleblower Movement’s live broadcasts.

According to Mr. Guo, viewership data is a standard to measure the quality and impact of live broadcast programs. The purpose of altering the Whistleblower Movement’s viewership data is to undermine the movement’s credibility and impact in spreading the truth.

Two weeks after Mr. Guo opened personal social media accounts in 2017, the CCP regime started to tamper with the viewership data. According to Mr. Guo’s intelligence, his first live broadcast garnered 400 million views in China, which aroused Xi Jinping’s attention. Xi personally ordered Liu Yanping (a high-ranking official in the Ministry of State Security) to handle this case. After the CCP’s data tampering, the displayed viewership of Mr. Guo’s live broadcast was slashed from 100,000+ to about 8000.

A friend inside YouTube revealed to Mr. Guo that Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on YouTube had been watched 5 billion times in 2017, and up to now, no other channel could surpass Mr. Guo in the number of reposts. 

Mr. Guo indicated that currently, our live broadcasts are watched 400-700 million times in China. Since its inception in 2017, the Whistleblower Movement has realized the goal of precision whistleblowing against the CCP regime and has inflicted irreversible damages and fears to the regimes. Therefore, the CCP regime musters all of its strength to suppress and alter our viewership data.

As Mr. Guo noted, the Whistleblower Movement’s current live broadcasts not only function as the venue spreading the truth to overthrow the Communist regime, but also are a lifestyle representing the aspirations and dignity of the new Chinese, and also strike deep fear among the CCP regime. The data on the number of subscriptions, shares, and views represent the Whistleblower Movement’s true strength.