Written by: Ermat

Wengui Guo, a strange man in the business world who has drifted to New York after several life and death, quickly became popular with his vivid and humorous eloquence, legendary life experience, luxurious food and clothing expenses, star-like temperament, and unique “eating and chatting”. After that, he pierced the skin of the prosperous world with his “demon-cutting sword” forged in 30 years of “sleeping with wolves”. Every word, every video, every person and every event he mentioned hit the Red Empire like a nuclear bomb.

For the CCP, this seems to be a voice from hell. Thus, a full-scale media ban began. Mr. Guo said in the live broadcast on May 15 that the power of the live broadcast has now reached the level of a nuclear bomb, and it is worth a thousand troops. For this reason, the CCP has devoted all its power to suppress it.

The provision of data on the network is a measure of the results of your show and your work. This data is falsified and it serves two purposes. First, it is a commercial purpose, so that you cannot get commercial recognition, because your data is the price you sell out for. Second, we are spreading the truth for the extermination of the Communist Party, not a business, not asking for advertising money, and falsifying data can turn black to white and affect the strength of the spread of the truth.

The Whistleblower Movement came into being in 2017, it has carried out targeted strikes on our targets. On YouTube, in 2017 my data has reached 5 billion views, according to insiders. The influence of our current live broadcast is not only about destroying the Communist Party, but also about the way of life, the pursuit of the Chinese people and the dignity of the Chinese people. The Communist Party was hurt, so they poured out their whole country to suppress us. Mr. Guo explained the reason.

The Whistleblower Movement used intelligence warfare, information warfare and technological warfare to the extreme. And the most important thing in warfare is psychological tactics. We are completely transparent, completely truthful, using no tactics, which is not available in the US and not available in the world.

Mr. Guo added that together with our fashionability and sense of humor, this is called fashion warfare, image warfare and culture warfare. In the globalized culture war, fashion is the most important part of culture, ‘eating and chatting’ is the most important part of culture, character is the main, prominent tool of expression in culture, and humor is important but the most difficult to hold.

I wasn’t born with the ability to grasp this, it took decades of experience and years of thinking about the world’s economic situation, countries, power and media to reach this level.

Mr Guo is proud to say that the power of live broadcast is now at nuclear level, and it can sweep away a thousand armies.


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