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On May 13th in a live broadcast, Miles Guo shared his view on the current traditional currency stock market and digital currency investment market.

He said generally speaking if one of them goes down, the other one would go up. But this time both are going down. Digital currencies fall, bond and stock also fall at the same time.

He said the core reason behind this is the Russia-Ukraine war and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Through this war, the CCP has realized that US would for sure impose extreme sanctions against CCP and hence started to sell off all their assets across the world, including stocks, bonds and digital currencies, which certainly caused the collapse of financial markets.

Another reason is that the CCP is not “decoupling” but exiting from the Western financial systems in advance which is also causing the entire market to collapse.

Miles Guo pointed out that the biggest winner in this is the CCP, the mastermind behind the scenes.

The CCP has created this unprecedented economic and financial war in the human history, and they believe that no one dares to go against them.

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