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On May 13, 2022, Mr. Guo Wengui broke the news in the Getter video that a world fashion organization will jointly hold a G-fashion 2024 global fashion exhibition with Mr. Guo.

Mr. Guo told the fashion organization at the time that G-fashion is not influential, but they believe that by 2024, G-fashion will be the trend-setter among the world fashions. Mr. Guo said that G-fashion doesn’t care about this at all, and doesn’t care about trend, either. G-fashion doesn’t engage in any other fashion in the world other than the one only belonging to the New Federal State of China.

In addition, Mr. Guo said that the top five major Italian manufacturers are now producing products for G-fashion series, and more and more manufacturers are actively cooperating with G-fashion series. These manufacturers consider the people of the New Federal State of China as the potentially largest market in the world, and think highly of their distinctive sentiment and ideal of taking down the communism. Mr. Guo emphasized that those manufacturers which cooperate with G-fashion are cooperating with the justice and provide themselves a bright future.

Mr. Guo revealed that in 2024 or next year, the New Federal State of China is planning to hold a G-fashion fashion model show. Mr. Guo gave advice to the investors of G-fashion that they should hold a world-class show, otherwise not do it at all.

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Source: Miles Guo’s Gettr live video on May 13, 2022

Original Article:Gfashion將舉辦一場世界一流的時裝秀 – GNEWS

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