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On May 7, Mr. Miles Guo told some details in a live broadcast about the upcoming sanctions imposed on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by Western countries. 

Mr. Guo mentioned that anyone who holds or purchases deposits, real estate, stocks, marketable bonds, large-value material and gold etc related to the CCP will be sanctioned. This can be reference to the U.S. sanctions list on Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The Chinese companies with interests to the CCP such as Huawei and Tencent, and some Red Families in Hong Kong will be sanctioned. And the billionaires like Jack Ma and Ma Huateng may be exempt from the sanctions in the future. 

With Poland’s declaration of war on Russia, the Russia-Ukraine battlefield is changing rapidly. At present, 90% of U.S. military, financial and intelligence forces are preparing for a possible war against Taiwan by the CCP. According to the US analysis, the CCP will launch a blitzkrieg against Taiwan. Once the war starts, the United States will not follow the step-by-step sanctions of cutting off gas and oil and stopping SWIFT, as it did against Russia. It will immediately start the extreme war and extreme sanctions against the CCP instead.

Under the sanctions, money will only flow to two places, one with a small amount of physical delivery of gold, and the other with a digital currency market. Miles once again reminded that the most risky digital currency is Bitcoin and the exchange is Binance, which are not the safe haven for your money. 


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