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Translated By: MOS Finance – Sunflower194

On 9 May, Thailand local time, the official Facebook account of Mor Chana, a Thai health code mobile app announced that the service will be permanently shut down as of 1 June, 2022.

Image Source: bangkokpost

Thai Health Code Mor Chana is a mobile application launched on 29 April, 2020, which uses GPS and Bluetooth to track the user’s trip. It was made mandatory during the CCP virus pandemic and the Thai Minister of Public Health has publicly warned that anyone infected with the CCP virus who did not download and use Health Code would be jailed up to 2 years and fined up to 40,000 baht.

Image Source: thaipbs world

Thai officials did not disclose the specific reasons, some analysts believe that Thailand may officially announce the end of the CCP virus pandemic on 1 July at the latest, the subsequent CCP virus cases will be considered as the regular disease, the health code program no longer has any existence, and will naturally withdraw from the lives of the people permanently.


Edited by: MikeHua
Posted by: Peter Chen

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