Edited by: Lish

From May 12th to 14th Polish time, videos sent by Nicole, a frontline reporter from the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF)in Medyka, showed the updated surrounding environment of the NFSC tents and recorded every moving stories of how fellow fighters look after the rescue base.

Frontline male fellow fighters spent two days using shovels and two handcarts to move stones to pave the uneven road in front of the big tent. In the video, we could notice that some fellow fighters may have never used tools like this.

Medyka refugee camp is like a social university; each fellow fighter comes from all walks of life, such as IT experts, construction engineers, translators, soldiers and international students. They learnt from experienced fellow fighters how to quickly unload stones and worked alone after mastering this technique. It is precisely because of our fellow fighters’ mutual help, learning, and love that our camp has achieved today’s proud achievements.

Fellow fighter Gui Wu is very attentive; he sings very well and can perform the role of an electrician. He is fixing the anti-skid mats on top of the stone road today. He said, “after many times of stepping, the carpets on that slope road will tear apart. On the one hand, it is not safe for the elderly and young refugees. On the other hand, it looks untidy and gives people a sense of chaos.

The current camp looks very neat and clean, giving it a pleasing and fully upgraded feel. In particular, the large tent and the surrounding refreshing environment are particularly prominent and distinctive. I hope Refugees who have fled the horror of war could have a sense of consolation after seeing this scene.

Every improvement and upgrade of the camp is inseparable from the financial assistance of the Rule of Law Foundation and the fellow fighters who take care of it like their own homes. Their ongoing efforts have not only created an enviable camp in terms of hardware but also created the influence of the New Federal State of China and its people on the world. In particular, our goal of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party has been recognized and supported by conscious people. Mr. Guo has repeatedly emphasized that the contributions of fellow frontline fighters are indispensable and will be recorded in the annals of history.



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