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Translated by:  MOS English Team – Jack H

North Korea fired most likely a ballistic missile object, according to the Defense Ministry.

Image Source: bbc

As revealed by government officials, the flying object fell outside of Japan’s EEZ (exclusive economic zone), and there has been no information whether it caused any damage to ships and boats etc so far.

On the other hand, as the Joint Chiefs of Staff with South Korea military said, North Korea fired 3 short-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan at around 6:29pm from nearby Sunan, situated in a suburb of the capital Pyongyang.

Concerning the missile launch, Prime Minister Kishida instructed 3 points as following:  Do the best to collect and analyze information, providing citizens with fast and accurate news.  Overhaul the aircrafts, ships and boats etc., thoroughly, and make them safe, and prepare for the unexpected events and be ready at all levels.

Image Source: reuters

North Korea also launched an SLBM (submarine-launched ballistic missile) on the 7th of this month, which is the 15th missile launch this year, but the first one since South Korean President Yoon Seok-youl took office.


Edited and Proofread by:  Linda Progress
Posted by: Peter Chen

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