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Translated by: MOS Health Team – baoliaofen


In the Grand Live Broadcast on May 11th, Miles Guo, founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), stated that a war in Taiwan would definitely disintegrate Communist China, and that his Indian prophet friend also predicted the disintegration of Communist China.

Miles emphasized that Xi Jinping still insists on attacking Taiwan.

According to Miles, his Indian prophet friend told him that he saw the disintegration of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) two days before Putin’s “Victory Day” parade. He also saw that this year’s Communist China would soon be littered with corpses, uninhabited buildings, uneaten food, massive floods, fish crawling on roofs, and babies crying day and night.

In addition, the prophet told Miles that he saw Putin panicking and almost being assassinated during the “Victory Day” parade. In fact, Putin left in a huff on May 9 when live ammunition was found in a missile truck at the Red Square parade, just as the prophet had predicted.


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