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May 13th. Today is May 13th.

Alas, it seems that even President Trump’s family wants to sell their house [across the street], isn’t it? And look at the people downstairs on the street…

Hello, brothers and sisters. Did you eat? Did you drink? (Chinese way of greeting) Today is May 13th.

I would like to show you what Brother-7 is wearing today…And do you have any idea where I’m going, brothers and sisters? Where is Brother-7 going? Look at this posture of mine…

Brother-7 is going out to attend several meetings — to make money for you and some other serious business. I cannot spare you too many details now. I also need to handle something private. It’s not just dealing with official business; I also have to manage a few personal matters.

Brothers and sisters, about the world financial markets in the last two days, I am sure you have seen more clearly than I have. What has happened in the world over the past two days is truly horrific!

In that GETTR video I just reposted, it said that [the US stock market had lost] $7 trillion — referring to the US only. Think about it, how many trillion dollars would it be in the whole world?

So you cannot be too greedy. Also, you must have the essential ability to discern “right, wrong, good, and evil,” which means “True and False, Good and Evil.”

As for those who fuss about this big boss or that wealthiest man in the world… Do you still remember who was the richest man in the world five years ago? Or ten years ago? So what [to be the richest], what can they do, right? 

And who are the richest people nowadays?  A couple of days ago, they were talking about the Chinese person whose name is Zhao Changpeng (founder and CEO of Binance Exchange), and that person [who is the founder and chairperson] of the Nongfu Spring beverage company named Zhong Shanshan … So what? And a boss of the State Grid Corporation of China is also on the list, right? 

This person, that person…can you remember them all? You cannot. But can you forget the Whistleblower Movement? Never! So, there is nothing more everlasting than your sentiment and faith.

On the issue of Twitter. Yesterday, I had a live broadcast with Brother Chang Dao and other fellow fighters, including Xiao Fu Li, Wei Lan, and Tu Pai Ke — who is so curious about how Brother-7 can sleep so little, as well as our Brother Shu Ping Feng, right?

 It was said that, after the live broadcast, as you may have noticed, the supposedly new takeover committee for Twitter broke into internal conflict and wanted to tattle on each other.  

That’s how business, the commerce field is. So do not envy those people. You should stay steady, brothers and sisters; keep calm!

Very early this morning, a certain world fashion organization contacted me and wanted to jointly host a G-Fashion 2024 global fashion show with Brother-7.

I said G-Fashion was still too small. “No! I have felt it…” he said, “in 2024, G-Fashion will lead the global trend.”

Honestly, we don’t care about that; we don’t care whether we can lead the trend, and we don’t work exclusively in fashion. But we want to develop a style exclusively for the New Federal State of China (NFSC), right?

Do you see my pants? The majority of people are ordinary people like Brother-7, right? I’m dressing like normal people; this is a fashion that belongs to ordinary people.

At present, all the manufacturers of these top-ranking big brands in Italy, the top five, are producing clothes for G-Fashion, and more manufacturers are actively trying to cooperate with us.

What is it based on? Is it because Brother-7 looks attractive? No! It’s because the NFSC members are potentially the largest market in the world, and because of our exclusive seeking and ideals — to take down the CCP.

These people know it; they are not stupid, and they know that working with us is working with the future, working with justice. Therefore, they came to us, right? And they want to do this G-Fashion show.

But for the fashion show, it usually has to be prepared three years in advance, and it is a little late now.

In 2024 or next year [2023], we want to host a big model show for G-Fashion dresses. I want it.

“If you have decided to organize it…” Here, my advice to the G-Fashion’s investors is, “Either you don’t do the show; if you really want to do it, make it world-class and unique.”

I did not charge you anything [as your advisor]; I did not ask you for any consulting fee, right? But now, I am considering charging some money. My advice can’t always be free; otherwise, how do I “make a living”? Right?

If you hold such a big fashion show, you need to prepare in advance.

Now let’s take a look at how bad the world economy has gotten.

By that time in the future, I think fashion will be completely different. After the decline and collapse of the world economy, a fashion trend must be different —It should not only express glamor, fashion and creativity, but also have more economic, political, and religious elements — especially when the Russia-Ukraine war ends.

You all have seen it, right? As Brother-7 said yesterday, many politicians in Europe, the US, and many Western countries were said to have come up with various ideas about supporting Ukraine, getting involved in the Russia-Ukraine war, and the reconstruction of Ukraine. We were quite correct again, right?

Most importantly, the strategy of the Chinese Communist Party is to “sacrifice 800 of its own men to hurt a thousand of its opponents”. The CCP put the Chinese in quarantine at home and demanded a full-scale nucleic acid test, in order to make the entire supply chain of the West collapse, to make the Western economy collapse, to weaken the US and mess it up.

That is the Chinese Communist Party! And its evil plan is working…Have you noticed? The supply chain, the economy, and various indicators. It has been only a few days; several trillion dollars disappeared, right?

That’s the fact! But brothers and sisters, please keep in mind that the CCP’s attempts are all in vain.

Hu Jintao (former President of CCP China) back then proposed internally that China should “abandon infightings, build a harmonious society, and promote the view of new science and technology.”

Today you will find that what Hu Jintao proposed is still useful because China had too much disharmony, too many internal social conflicts, and too little science and technology. Therefore, Hu Jintao was right.

“China should develop science and technology, abandon infightings, and build a harmonious society” — so Comrade Jintao, Brother Tao, really knows his stuff. But without Brother-7’s advice, he probably wouldn’t have been able to propose that. Brother-7 deserves credit, doesn’t he?

Let me show you the pants…

So, brothers and sisters, China is on the road towards self-destruction, along with too much disharmony. Not only is there too much disharmony within China; it cannot get along with the world either, right? 

But the NFSC will stop them from screwing around and bring the country back into harmony with the world — that is the power of the NFSC!

Look at China now; when the world talks about China, it only mentions Xi Jinping (President of China), but nobody else, right?

Now the West has clearly separated the Chinese Communist Party from the Chinese people. As countless fellow fighters of the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement keep putting in more effort, more and more people will realize that the CCP cannot represent the Chinese overseas. The CCP cannot represent Chinese people, and Chinese people do not want to be represented by the CCP.

Regarding how to provide more safety to overseas Chinese, how to avoid and reduce anti-Chinese activities overseas — we have already done the most work! I believe we can eventually protect all the Chinese people around the world.

I’ll say no more; see you in tomorrow’s live broadcast. Tomorrow’s “Fay Fay Show” will be exclusive for me to chat with you. See you tomorrow at 9:00 am! Kiss you all!