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It was reported on May 13th, Republican Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) from Indiana introduced the “Communist Visa Transparency Act of 2022” on Thursday (May 12), legislation to require all visa applicants to the US to report any affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as any affiliation with China’s military, paramilitary, law enforcement, public security, or national security forces.

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Rep. Banks said in a statement on May 13th that not a single Biden administrator or federal government official can accurately estimate how many CCP members currently live in the United States.  That is an unacceptable national security risk.

Banks believes that the CCP is using the US’s overly lax visa system to export its propaganda and malign influence.  Amazingly, many of these CCP agents came here legally and without disclosing their membership.  The bill would help law-enforcement track CCP’s activity and prevent many of China’s abuses before they happen.

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U.S. Government data showed that Russian and Communist China state media have used the non-immigrant work visa H-1B to facilitate state media operations in U.S., placing reporters, editors and producers on U.S. outposts, media outlet Axios reported on Thursday.

From the numbers, China’s official media such as CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and China Daily are far ahead in the approval of H-1B visas.

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It is reported that in the past year, U.S. congressmen have introduced a series of bills to restrict CCP’s activities in the United States, including the “Stop CCP Act”, which targets CCP officials and their relatives, and the “Protecting Higher Education from the Chinese Communist Party Act”, which prohibits the children of senior CCP officials from coming to the US for further study, and the “Protecting America from Spies Act”, which denies visas to individuals who have committed espionage and intellectual property theft, and more.

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