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Chinese Communist Party media outlet Global Times reported that CCP health officials on Monday extended a more than month-long coronavirus blockade in Shanghai to nearby suburbs and “blocked” residential areas in Tonglu County and Jiangyin City after detecting a new outbreak of the disease in the local population, Breitbart News Reported on May 10.

Tonglu County has ordered all its 450,000 residents to undergo mandatory coronavirus testing starting May 8 and banned people from “free movement” starting May 9, prohibiting all county residents from “leaving their villages or compounds unless necessary. Those who want to enter, or leave must provide a negative nucleic acid test result within 24 hours.”

Tonglu’s epidemic prevention task force said physical barriers were set up Monday at the entrances and exits of residential complexes across the county to “isolate” apartment buildings from the outside world during the implementation of the lockdown and prevent people from escaping.

Outside Zhejiang province, the city of Jiangyin, which borders Shanghai, also ordered its nearly 900,000 residents to observe movement restrictions on Monday and has imposed temporary traffic controls and conducted nucleic acid screenings across the city.

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