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Translated by:  OX Bill

At midnight of 13 May, chip firm ARM, which belongs to the Softbank group, released a report at Thursday stating that the company income has peaked a historical high in the year 2021.

Image Source: strategyzer

The CEO Rene Haas of the ARM said during the interview that the company’s new chip design business shows strong future prospects.

Because of regulations, Softbank group failed to sell ARM to America chip producer NVIDIA corporation, now this group plan to arrange this British technology company to be listed on the stock exchange.

ARM develops the basic plan for chip design, this company released the report at Thursday showed that the income at last year is over $2.7 billion, increased 35% compared with last year index. The income of their licensing business increased 61%, to $1.13 billion; special licensing fee of chip technology increased 20%, to $1.54 billion.

Image Source: fortune

Haas said, licensing business focus on “Letting customer company and ARM together invest, design chip for future”. When he was asked for the income forecasting, he answered: “(before this term) we never done the business value over $1 billion, so I want to say, this is a good advanced prospect for such production demand”


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