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According to the report, “Since the end of last month, the unexplained fever has spread rapidly nationwide.” On this basis, the number of people with fever symptoms has risen to more than 350,000, of which more than 162,200 have recovered.

Image Source: ABC

In addition, more than 18,000 new people in one day on the 12th were confirmed to have fever symptoms. So far, more than 187,800 people have been quarantined or treated, and six people have died, including one infected with the Omicron strain.

General Secretary Kim pointed out that “spread of the disease centered on the metropolitan area shows that our pandemic prevention measure also has weaknesses”, and instructed to completely suppress the spread of infection.

In response to North Korea’s first confirmed case of CCP virus infection in the country, the United States said that “there are currently no plans to provide North Korea with vaccines.” The White House NSC (National Security Council) spokesman said in an interview with NHK on the 12th: “There is currently no idea of providing vaccines to North Korea.”

Image Source: homeland security today

Among them, the spokesman noted that North Korea has repeatedly refused to supply vaccines from the “COVAX Initiative,” which is an international framework for equitable distribution of vaccines.

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