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Video of Putin gripping table sparks health concerns | Washington Examiner
Putin met with Shoygu and displayed abnormal physical status.
Picture Source; Washington Examiner

Daily Mail reported, a Russian oligarch has claimed according to sources reported to him that Putin is very ill with blood cancer, amid on-going speculation about Putin’s health.

The oligarch, who goes by the pseudonym “Yuri”, claimed a number of Putin’s health problems are linked to his blood cancer. One example was his lower back problems. The Russian tyrant underwent surgery on his back in October 2021. Putin’s increasingly puffy face indicated the steroid use in his recovery, and the fact that he appears to be walking with a limp. Every time when he appears in public, his appearances have been heavily curated.

Despite the Kremlin being scrupulous with what footage of Putin is released to the public, there are still a number of signs that he is unwell. Putin gave a speech during Moscow’s Victory Day parade on Monday and walked awkwardly across Red Square, possibly is to hide his limp. He had a blanket across his lap as he watched the parade’s proceeding, despite it was 48 Fahrenheit (9C) in Moscow that day. 

Blood cancer, such as lymphoma or myeloma, is a cancer of plasma cells that can cause pervasive bone disease. Ashley Grossman, Professor of endocrinology at Oxford University said such diseases could affect the spine and back and treatment for such diseases involve steroids, which can result in a puffy face.

Myeloma treatment can lead to a compression in the spine and weaken the patient’s immune system, which could partly explain Putin’s cautious approach to Covid’s (CCP virus) social-distancing. “Yuri” did not specify what kind of blood cancer Putin might have, but the oligarch holds a level of disdain for the Russian dictator.

Putin has absolutely ruined Russia’s economy, Ukraine’s economy and many other economies. The oligarch stresses that Putin tried to invade Ukraine in the name of eliminating Nazis and fascists. They all hope this Russian dictator dies of cancer, or dies from an internal blow by those closest to him.


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