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According to a True North report on May 8th, health officials in British Columbia and Alberta must face civil lawsuits over several health orders issued under the Covid pandemic.

The rulings were made by the two provincial courts within two weeks.

An Alberta judge ruled that the provincial health officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw could not use “cabinet confidentiality” as an excuse to avoid answering questions in court about her discussions with government leaders because the public interest in having her answer the questions outweighs the public interest in keeping the evidence confidential.

The questions included whether she had ever received restriction instructions from the Premier that exceeded or went against her own advice.

Similarly, British Columbia’s health official Dr. Bonnie Henry is also facing a civil lawsuit from the CSASPP, which argues that Henry’s mandatory vaccination orders for healthcare workers are unconstitutional and do not provide reasonable alternatives to vaccination, including rapid testing and religious or medical exemptions.

Both rulings suggest that government officials are not above the law.

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