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According to a report by ctv news on may 8, canadian prime minister justin trudeau accidentally broke through kyiv on the same day and met with ukrainian president zelensky, during which he also announced a series of aid to ukraine and sanctions against russia.

Trudeau announced at a joint bilateral news conference that Canada would provide more military aid to Ukraine and impose more sanctions on 40 Russian individuals and five entities.  In addition, $25 million in food support will be provided to Ukraine, and all trade tariffs on imports from Ukraine to Canada will be eliminated.

Some comments said that although trudeau visited ukraine the day before russia’s world war ii victory day and reopened the canadian embassy in kyiv, which had been closed since early february, it was quite a political show. As seen by the fact that Europe and the United states jointly supported Ukraine and jointly under the circumstance of cracking down on and sanctioning Russia, the defeat of Putin’s regime has been determined.  The encirclement and suppression of Xi Jinping, the accomplice behind it, is also inevitable, and the global wave of annihilation of the CCP is irreversible.

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