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In the first live broadcast on May 13, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo explains that the CCP has anticipated the extreme U.S. sanctions, so it started selling off everything in large quantities, leading to the market crash. He says that Himalaya Dollar can withstand a bank run because every Himalaya Dollar is backed by one U.S. dollar. Mr. Guo predicts the CCP will attack Taiwan anytime, and whether Xi is re-elected in the 20th CCP Congress or not, the CCP is finished. Below are the highlights of the broadcast. 

Faith is open to question, but family is like religion, requiring fidelity. 

You will have too much trouble by being skeptical of everything in life.

The U.S. de-listing of the Chinese stock, Lufax, hurts the interest of all the top CCP families!

The de-listing of Lufax, the top Chinese company traded on the U.S. exchanges, is very significant. To block the de-listing of Lufax, the CCP spent nearly $1.7 billion on lobbying, “the biggest lobbying effort ever!”

No financial institution can withstand a bank run except Himalaya Dollar!

LUNA is supposedly a stable coin but extremely unstable, losing almost all its value. If there’s a bank run on HSBC and Bank of America, they will surely collapse. 

Only Himalaya Dollar can withstand a bank run. On the Himalaya Exchange, each Himalaya Dollar is backed by one U.S. dollar, with no financial leverage or misappropriation. LUNA is the opposite. This so-called stable coin is linked to Bitcoin and Ethereum, so LUNA’s price will fall with them. Regarding Himalaya Dollar, it will retain its value as long as there is the U.S. dollar. Even if the U.S. dollar is gone, there is a 20% gold reserve. 

If people demand cash from Binance, they will discover the company is $50-$100 billion in debt.

Zhao Changpeng (C.Z.), Binance’s boss, will not end well, worse than Wang Jian. Only the CCP wanted Wang Jian to die, but the entire world wants to kill C.Z. This fool colluded with the CCP and lost 90% of his net worth overnight.

The Russia-Ukraine war and the CCP are at the heart of the current fall of digital currencies.

First, the CCP had anticipated that the U.S. would impose extreme sanctions, so it started selling off everything in large quantities, all assets, all stocks, including the U.S. traded Lufax. The CCP is not decoupling but escaping from the Western financial system, which has led to a full-scale broad market collapse.

Second, Hong Kong is preparing to end its peg to the U.S. dollar. The digital currency, cryptocurrency, and even the Dow Jones sell-off resulted from manipulation.

Third, the vaccine disaster has shaken many people, and these foolish crooks and idiots already know that the time is up. The unprecedented dark financial moment has arrived. It will be a total collapse of the fiat currency system, digital currencies, and financial products. Capital will rush to supply-constrained oil, but it’s another scam.

The false prosperity created by Q.E. will all give back.

The U.S. printed $130 trillion in 2021, another $60 trillion earlier this year. U.S. inflation is already at 5%-10%. Plus, global GDP growth is half of what it was before, so money in the bank no longer retains its value. Humanity just ended the biggest Q.E. ever from 2008 to 2021 and will give back everything in 2022.

The CCP has realized that unrestricted warfare is more effective than conventional warfare.

The CCP is complacent because the Russia-Ukraine war has shown that the West cannot be defeated through conventional warfare. Therefore, the CCP has started unrestricted economic warfare, the longest and most effective unrestricted warfare the CCP has ever implemented.

The CCP wants to attack Taiwan during the financial crisis in the West.

The CCP wants to create a new monetary and payment system and completely trap the West in financial and inflation crises before the CCP’s war on Taiwan. The performance of the financial markets yesterday and today implies the CCP will attack Taiwan anytime, and the CCP bets that the world will not dare to stop it. Given Xi’s personality and beliefs in the Long Cycle Theory and the Axis Theory, he thinks it’s his turn.

What should we do when the odds are against Taiwan?

First, be prepared for multiple rounds of water and power outages.

Second, find a place to hide. The Himalaya farms are ready to help. 

Third, secure communications. Don’t worry about the rest; Miles Guo will make arrangements. 

Whether Xi is re-elected in the 20th CCP Congress or not, the CCP with no money and no talent is finished.    

Miles Guo especially hopes the 20th CCP Congress will be held because if Xi is re-elected he will be buried alive, and if not, whoever comes to power will discontinue Xi’s polity and follow Gaddafi and Ceausescu’s paths, in which case brothers in arms can probably have tea at Pangu at the end of this year.

The biggest problem of Russia and CCP is brain drain.

No one has realized that Russia lost the war because all the Russian elites fled to the West after Putin came to power. Meanwhile, China lost the most talents during the Xi-Wang regime. Brain drain is the biggest problem in China. The CCP without money or people is over.

Fleeing Communist China

There are ways to get you a foreign passport as long as you can escape from Communist China. Brothers in arms with such needs should contact their Himalaya farms.

Some brothers in arms in northern China helped tens of thousands of people flee to foreign countries and did not ask for a penny. Like the comrades who provided the intelligence, these silent comrades are the real heroes.

The virus will eventually dissipate.

Artemisinin or ivermectin can definitely eliminate the vaccine’s side effects and the spike proteins. Our scientist comrades believe that the CCP doesn’t have more deadly viruses than the coronaviruses, the CCP’s ultimate weapon, which will all eventually dissipate. The antidote will soon launch.

The vaccine mandates will be lifted globally, but the U.S. and Europe dare not admit the vaccine disaster to avoid massive compensation payout. Many countries are now stockpiling sperm and eggs.

Too many people worldwide are vaccinated, and humanity will face the question of survival. The current elevated level of new Covid cases is essentially the side effect of the Covid vaccine, which is the poison. The U.S. and Europe dare not admit it because of the huge compensation payout and political and economic disaster. All the governments that contacted Mr. Guo are considering lifting the vaccine mandate, but their only concern is the consequences of cancellation for fear of public litigation. Many countries are now stockpiling sperm and eggs.

Since the lockdown, Shanghai has had over 400,000 deaths, and Changchun has had 250,000 deaths.

The future new NATO will be centered on Kyiv, not Belgium as it is today.

NATO will be strong. In the new enlarged NATO, you will see Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark surrounding Russia. This time Ukraine has fought the good fight. After Poland declared war, Russia did not even react. The E.U. is considering putting NATO’s military organization, institutions, the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations in Kyiv in the future. 

Miles Guo interprets the meaning of the special gesture.

The heart gesture is from the Freemasons. Miles Guo made this gesture to keep the promise to his first investor after coming out of Qingfeng Detention Center. The gesture shows that Miles Guo has always respected the person, kept his promise, and been friendly to this investor, who is a pure Jewish lady born in Kaifeng and married to a gentleman from Henan. She advised Miles Guo to start with the Big Boss Furniture and lent him one million yuan. 

Miles Guo makes only two gestures: the NFSC (New Federal State of China) gesture and the Freemasons gesture.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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