1. May 9, Shanghai. The CCP has begun to implement a new so-called “silent” pandemic prevention and control policy, requiring all residents to stay at home for 2 weeks.
  2. Shanghai’s pandemic prevention and control policy has worsened from centralized quarantine of infected persons to one person who tested positive, and all neighboring residents in the same building will be sent to be quarantined.
  3. Loudspeaker propaganda: In Shanghai, the policy that if one person tests positive for RT-PCR, the entire building will be centrally quarantined is being enforced. The threatening propaganda played on a loop resembled Nazi behavior in controlled areas.
  4. May 10, Shanghai. A pregnant woman was reported by volunteers and asked to sign a pledge by the community manager overnight for distributing eggs she had purchased through channels not designated by the community to her neighbors at a lower price than the community group buy.
  5. In Haimao Village, Diancheng Town, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, the elderly were especially carried to be vaccinated. Is the Covid-19 vaccination a targeted program to eliminate the elderly?
  6. The CCP local authority sealed off the entrances and exits of residents’ homes under the pretext of pandemic control. Residents took great risks with their children and fled through rope ladders they had set up.
  7. May 10, Shanghai. It is the scene of the so-called disinfection of buildings and the homes of covid-19 (CCP Virus) infected persons in a community.
  8. On May 8, the Shanghai government began to evict residents and delivery guys who had been sleeping under bridges due to the CCP’spandemic control policy, using the Urban Road Management Regulations as a basis to prohibit them from sleeping in underpasses.
  9. May 4, Shanghai resident filmed Shanghai Yangpu field hospital has begun to install air conditioners, is in preparation for summer? Communist China’s centralized quarantine policy shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】