Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Nikkei Asia

[Editor’s Note] As dictators decay physically, they always have to wrap up thousands of people to go to the end with them, staging a scene of bloody madness on the stage of history. In today’s world, the two dictatorial regimes of the Chinese Communist Party and Russia have become the new global axis of evil. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party’s war against Taiwan at any moment have already brought major disasters and variables to the world. 

Mr. Wengu iGuo has repeatedly disclosed the health conditions of Putin and Xi Jinping. The health of both Xi and Putin has become an important factor in the political situation of both China and Russia, as well as in the political situation of the world. As Mr Guo said, eliminating these two would not only save the people of China, Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan, but also save humanity worldwide.

As long as you are a mortal person, you cannot avoid sickness, old age, and death. In a democratic and free civilized society, the system design of checks and balances of power makes the issue of the health of those in power and the issue of heirs less sensitive, and has no critical impact on the future direction of the entire country. In contrast to the few dictatorships, their health affects the direction of the country’s political situation, and is even listed as a top state secret.

The most typical example is that 2000 years ago, when the First Emperor fell seriously ill on a tour, Li Si, Zhao Gao and his youngest son Hu Hai, who had been secretly kept in mourning, tampered with the decree and eventually the more brutal Hu Hai became the Second Emperor of Qin. The history of Qin Shi Huang’s reign was changed by his own health.

As human civilisation has moved into modern times, the ultimate form of dictatorship to date has been that of Nazi Germany and Communist Soviet Union and Communist China. While Hitler’s body was lost to history before it had time to decay, let us count the effects of the health of the dictators of the Communist Soviet Union and Communist China on the political situation.

The politics of the Soviet Communist Empire had been locked in the dictator’s physical health from the very beginning, with Lenin becoming seriously ill in the second half of 1921 and dying in 1924. During these two years or so, only a few members of the Politburo of the CPSU knew the true state of Lenin’s health. The shrewd Stalin stayed by Lenin’s side, while his political opponent, Trotsky, was sent to Georgia. Finally, when he learned that Lenin was dead, he didn’t even have time to rush back from Tbilisi to Moscow for the funeral.

Despite Lenin’s will against Stalin sitting at the head of the party, the dictatorial power fell into Stalin’s hands. We cannot assume that the Soviet people would have been better off if Trotsky had become supreme leader of the Soviet Union, but the fact that Stalin was ranked as the second butcher in the history of mankind is a nail in the coffin. The dictator’s physical health is yet another example of the impact on the political situation.

Today’s Russia has inherited the mantle of the former Soviet Union, and the dictatorship is not so obvious, but it is still a dictatorship. Before you know it, more than 20 years have passed since Putin ruled Russia, and more than 30 years have passed since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but the physical nightmare of the dictator still hangs over the Kremlin.

With the protracted Russian invasion of Ukraine, Putin, who had been hunting bears and fighting tigers in Siberia to show off his muscles, appeared to be in very poor health as he sat bloated and slumped in his chair while discussing the Mariupol military operation with Shoigu, his right hand still firmly gripping the edge of the table. 

Invasion of foreign military activities has fallen into a quagmire, domestic anti-war demonstrations have occurred from time to time, and many military semi-militarized facilities have been frequently set on fire. This seems to be the macroscopic response of Putin’s physical condition to the outside – physical disease, political disease.

The big brother is such a sorghum that is born sick, and how can the CCP, the younger brother in the east, be immune? From the time when Mao Taizu was in power, Mao Zedong’s health has been a barometer of the dictatorship. Dictators are not characterized by how capable they are, but by how crazy they are. 

Hearing Mao Anying’s death on the Korean battlefield, Mao Zedong’s health suddenly deteriorated, followed by fierce fighting within the party, the Great Leap Forward famine, and finally the Cultural Revolution.This wave of dictatorial upheaval plunged the Chinese nation into an abyss of misery, with tens of millions of deaths, and it was only when Mao Zedong died in 1976 that the Chinese were able to catch their breath. 

But before they could calm down and lick their wounds, Ye Jianying, Hua Guofeng, and others launched a palace coup to seize power. Fortunately, this time, it did not have much impact on the ant-like people.

According to Mr. Guo Wengui’s intelligence, Xi Jinping has undergone minor operations on his body and undergoes physical examinations twice a week. This is the body of a person, a natural person who can only live for more than 30,000 days in the sky. However, due to the dictatorship, it affects the fate and breathing of every other person in the 9.6 million square kilometers.

Dictators never have the heart of awe, they never care about “the flood will be monstrous after I die”, so when they are about to die, they really create a monstrous political and economic flood.