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Currently, in Communist China, in more than 10 top-tier cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Changchun, and Wuhan, more than 400 million Chinese people have been forced into the CCP virus epidemic mass lockdown. The totalitarian regime, the Chinese Communist Party, keeps pushing its never-ending “zero-COVID” policy as a deceitful measure to cover up the CCP virus vaccine disaster and their domestic economic, financial and political collapse, the Whistleblower Movement has revealed.

Also, in the West, according to recent public statistics reports, since the CCP virus pandemic outbreaks from Jan 2020 to May 2022, the world has seen mass lockdowns mandated to the public by the government in almost every single country.

Some West professors and researchers have claimed the CCP virus pandemic mass lockdown measures devastation and failure for two years.

According to a report published in Nov 2021 at Brownstone University in the U.S., the researcher stated,

“The pandemic response today remains a purely political one.”

The report listed nearly 500 comparative effectiveness research as well as related evidence showing that the CCP virus pandemic mass lockdowns have had no positive public health effects but have imposed enormous economic and social damages where they have been adopted.

The studies concluded that the harms of the CCP virus pandemic mass lockdowns to our societies have been severe, including the harm to children, the undiagnosed illness that will result in excess mortality in years to come, depression, anxiety, suicidal tendency, drug overdoses and homicides due to the lockdown policies, the crushing isolation due to the lockdowns, psychological harms, domestic and child abuse, sexual abuse, loss of jobs and businesses and the devastating impact, and the massive numbers of deaths resulting from the lockdowns that will impact heavily on women and minorities.

A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and released in February 2022 also concluded that mass lockdowns have had a much more detrimental impact on society than they have produced any benefit, with researchers urging that they “are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

Stanford University professor of medicine Jay Bhattacharya noted last year that in years to come, lockdowns would be looked back upon as the most catastrophically harmful policy in “all of history.”

Edited and posted by: Kayla J.

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