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Translated by: Himalaya UK – Badman

Radio Free Asia reported on May 12, as confirmed cases of the CCP virus (COVID) in Taiwan has risen, Taiwanese people are seen waiting for long lines to buy rapid test kits. CCP’s Taiwan Affairs Office recently announced that it can assist Taiwan in the purchase of rapid test kits from communist China as soon as possible. Some people pointed out that while CCP offered to provide Taiwan with small favor, at the same time it blocked Taiwan from attending the World Health Assembly.

Image Source: epochtimes

Taiwan has adopted a new model of “coexisting with the virus “and “screen instead of isolation” approach amid the epidemic is rising again. The number of days of isolation for confirmed cases has been shortened significantly. However, the rapid test kits provided by the government are limited, and the public have to wait in line only to buy 5 kits per person.

The CCP’s Taiwan Affairs Office said on the 7th that CCP is willing to provide assistance to Taiwan in the purchase of the rapid test kits. In response, Mainland Affairs Council Republic of China (Taiwan) replied to the CCP, saying “take good care of your people under the lockdown”. It is a polite deny of CCP’s offer to help. The Council also stated on the 11th that CCP uses the epidemic as a mean for political gains, which was not the first time.

Image Source: reuters

Although Taiwan has not been able to participate in the World Health Assembly for five consecutive years, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of China (Taiwan) spokesman Ou Jiangan confirmed that Taiwan was invited to participate in the second online “Global COVID Summit” hosted by US President Biden on May 12.


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