Translated by: Ermat

We are now in May, the beginning of the vaccine disaster, the beginning of the stock market disaster, the beginning of the financial disaster, the beginning of inflation, in two words it is a disaster.

Vaccines were very controversial last year. Like the topic of spike proteins, speculation in the past has now become a conclusion, and it has become the hottest topic. Because it is so relevant to everyday life, people are very concerned about how long the shed stinging protein will last. Many of my fellow fighters have asked me this question recently, and that answer is: only the pharmaceutical companies know. 

When they vigorously promoted in the media that people should take this booster shot, it was because the amount of spike protein in the body was not enough to fall off, and more needs to be supplemented. Their aim is to maximize the shedding and spreading of stinging proteins. So it is indeed true what Mr. Wengui said that the countries in the world with high vaccination rates are currently experiencing high rates of viral infections.

The population of 5 million in New Zealand that Tex just started sharing with us has begun to have a daily incidence of more than 20,000 viruses, which is caused by vaccines. In fact, it is caused by two aspects. Our front PPT has already shown it very clearly.

 Firstly, it is caused by the shedding of the stinging protein from the vaccinated person to the unvaccinated person, which is a process of transmission that causes the unvaccinated person to develop the virus, or symptoms similar to the side effects of the vaccine. So many of my fellow fighters asked me whether the symptoms were caused by the shedding of the stinging protein or by a recent infection. 

I say it doesn’t matter because the symptoms are very similar. Our treatment is the same, as long as you follow our treatment protocol for the vaccine infection, plus we now have artemisinin, whether it is medicinal artemisinin or the health product artemisinin taken intermittently, and follow these treatment protocols that our alliance has come up with, you can completely control your symptoms and keep your after-effects to a minimum.

Then the second possibility is that many vaccine recipients, especially multi-dose vaccine recipients, have their immune systems destroyed by the massive spike proteins of these booster shots over and over again,, suppressing their immune systems and gradually losing those natural immune system safeguards that God has paid every human being to have against the various pathogens of the earth. 

The lymphocytes that were born to deal with viruses, like lymphatic T cells, are depleted to a point where they are insufficient to fight the pathogens, and then they enter a state like AIDS, which is like having AIDS, but not AIDS. The most important diagnostic indicator of AIDS is the decrease in CD4 T-cell lymphocytes, because AIDS is an immunodeficiency, and its T-cell base is reduced.

The most important diagnostic indicator is the decrease in CD4 T-cell lymphocytes, which can be reduced to less than 200, and that is the diagnostic criterion for AIDS. In that case, any pathogen can put you down.

As you know viruses are almost the same age as the earth, humans have only been on the earth for a few hundred thousand years, humans are insignificant compared to how long viruses have been around. There is a reason why viruses have existed on earth for so long, its instinct is to demand survival. That’s why the massive use of this vaccine invented by man is a havoc on the human immune system. 

The virus itself demands to survive, it has to mutate and keep evading, the vaccine produces neutralizing antibodies, and eventually these mass vaccinations create artificial super viruses. So like us, the unvaccinated fellow fighters, it is all about staying the same. Maintaining the best natural immunity that God has given us is the best weapon against any variation of the various viruses.

One fellow fighter said that when she was on a video call with her grandfather two days ago, she said that several elderly people of his age in his village had suddenly died in quick succession recently, making him worry about such things. Some friends, all in their early 30s, started getting heart attacks to get stents for their hearts. 

The rate of side effects from vaccines is really getting faster and faster. I have had family members, including those like me, who didn’t get the vaccine before, but got infected with the prickly protein and still had a positive test, and were fine again after a week. Now we just really need to protect ourselves and our families more.