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Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Xiequyuan

On May 10th, Japan’s Joint Staff Office of the Defense Ministry released a brief stating that on the morning of May 9 the Japanese frigate, “Izumo”, monitored and collected intelligence on Communist China’s navy activities. A total of 4 warships, including the aircraft carrier, Liaoning, two missile destroyers, and one high-speed combat supply ship, sailed in waters approximately 160 kilometers south of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa.

Image Source: the japan time

It is reported that a Chinese fleet consisting of the aircraft carrier Liaoning, missile destroyers, and a supply ship sailed through waters between the main island of Okinawa and Miyako Island last week. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force dispatched its helicopter carrier “Izumo” to conduct surveillance.

Chief Cabinet Secretary, Hirokazu Matsuno, informed the media that Communist China has been taking assertive moves at sea. These moves indicate that the CCP is strengthening its naval and air combat capabilities in the Pacific Region and demonstrating its power. The CCP’s actions have made Japanese authorities wary of the CCP’s unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force. Japan will continue to pay close attention to and monitor the situation at sea and in the air.

Image Source: the japan time


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