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Translated by:  MOS English Team – mingyue

On May 13th, according to Japan’s News European Union, President Michelle visited Hiroshima Peace Park for the first time and condemned Russia’s mention of the use of nuclear weapons.

Image Source: consilium.europa

President Michelle visited the Atomic Bomb Museum and spent about 40 minutes looking at the objects of the atomic bomb survivors and recording their names in an aromatic book.  In a statement issued afterwards, he condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying Russia’s reference to the use of nuclear weapons was inexcusable.

He also described North Korea, which has conducted multiple missile tests, as a “threat to global security.”   After presenting flowers to the Monument to the Victims of the Atomic Bomb, President Michel met with Hiroshima Mayor Matsui, as well as atomic bomb survivors, the second EU President to visit Hiroshima after Donald Tusk visited Hiroshima three years ago.

Image Source: yahoo


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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