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Translated by: HA Multilingual Group – Leo M

In a live broadcast with fellow fighters on May 11, Miles Guo analyzed that the vaccine disaster may have come to everyone, as the number of confirmed cases of CCP virus in the United States has risen by a staggering 46 percent in the past two weeks.

Miles said that when he heard the news that the fellow fighters were infected with the CCP virus in Ukraine, he was very worried and used all the available resources to find medical solutions for them. During the communication with the scientists in Europe, Miles learned that the fellow fighters were suffering from a reaction caused by the shedding of the spike protein caused by the vaccine, and not necessarily from a real infection. After learning about the medication of the fellow fighters, the European scientist told Miles with great certainty that everything was fine.

Miles then mentioned that he had met with a person who had received four shots of the CCP virus vaccine a few days earlier, and during the conversation, the person kept coughing. After the meeting, Miles felt a headache and could not speak well, which were obvious symptoms of being attacked by the CCP virus vaccine, and immediately took ivermectin and artemisinin to relieve himself. And this person passed away shortly after the meeting. Therefore, Miles solemnly reminds his fellow fighters to stay away from people who have been vaccinated as much as possible, and especially to avoid direct contact.


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