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Translator: Himalaya Washington DC — Latin

In the Gettr live broadcast on May 12, Miles Guo reminded his fellow fighters that family relationships are trustworthy and dependable. And the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement are even more precious.

Amid chaotic times, only the New Federal State of China has a spectacular outlook. Mr. Guo points out that the once-flamboyant wealth has become too much for reality in the face of this unprecedented economic and political catastrophe. However, family ties by DNA, or friendships without the entanglement of interests, are the most important in times of crisis.

Miles emphasizes that as a follower of the New Federal State of China, one should cherish the relationship with his or her relatives and experience the warmth of the family with his heart and accept and help fellow fighters with generosity and selflessness. And we strike to become a bright spot in the dark times by achieving noble spirit with courage and bravery.


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