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Translated by: Himalaya UK – Badman

In the live broadcast on May 13th, Miles Guo mentioned the recent sharp drop in the digital currency market.

Image Credit: Himalaya Exchange

Miles said that we can infer roughly the deep states behind these currencies by observing the change chart of digital currencies from 7th to 11th. The so-called digital currency on the market, a small number of people actually control most of the Bitcoin, under the guise of decentralization. The (Terra)LUNA and USDT known as stablecoin almost evaporated in the shock. The reason for this kind of scam is that these digital currencies are leveraged, and the so-called stablecoin of LUNA is connected with other digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., whose price fluctuates will affect LUNA.

For example, Miles said that Binance Exchange users were to cash out now, Changpeng Zhao(CZ) would be in debt of 50-100 billion. All digital currency systems and national currency banking systems in the whole the world have such a common problem. If users were to cash out, a run will occur to collapse. Miles demanded that his fellow fighters should not lose a penny when designed the system of the Himalaya Reserve. The Himalaya Reserve does not have any leverage, 1 HDO anchors 1 USD , and it will not be run down under any circumstances, because every penny has its owner. Even if the USD did not exist, the Himalaya Reserve still has 20% of gold anchored.

The Himalaya Reserve has no any collusion with the CCP and Russia, and it is the most stable financial system in the world. Fellow Fighters have the safest landing of money in the midst of a global financial crisis disaster.

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