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Translated by:  MOS English Team – Master LL

According to Economic View, May 12th, it was reported that the WeChat account of the “National Immigration Administration” on the 12th, Xu Ganlu who is the deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security and secretary of the leading party group of the National Immigration Administration, presided over a party group meeting.  Among them, it is mentioned that the non-essential outbound activities of Chinese citizens will be strictly restricted, and the approval and issuance of entry and exit documents will be heavily enforced.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictators gain power by force, and they are clearly aware of the danger that they may be replaced at any time.  In addition, the CCP’s internal struggle for power and profit is very serious, and it may appear to replace its dominant position at any time.  Because the CCP rulers felt the instability of their ruling position and feared that frequent population entry and exit would threaten the security of their rule, they adopted a policy of closing the country.

Image Source: The New York Times

This time, the CCP’s Immigration Administration emphasized that it strictly restricts the non-essential outbound activities of Chinese citizens, and strictly approves and issues entry and exit documents.  That is to say, it emphasizes that Chinese people are not allowed to go abroad, and can only work in China.  It does not say what kind of situation is not allowed to go abroad.  It is a one-size-fits-all policy to imprison Chinese people on this land, and use captive breeding to enslave Chinese people.


Edited and Proofread by:  Linda Progress
Posted by: Peter Chen

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