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Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Happybird

In the live broadcast on May 11, Mr. Guo analyzed the reasons why those who persecuted the Whistleblower Movement in the past have now ended up miserably and even become prisoners. Mr. Guo said that in the five years since the Whistleblower Movement, Communist China has sent countless senior officials, spies, and internet trolls to make up lies, threaten and lure, and brutally persecute Mr. Guo and his family and employees, in an attempt to prevent Mr. Guo from continuing to whistleblower and cause the Communist China regime to shake. However, by now, Sun Lijun, Liu Yanping, Fu Zhenghua and others have been arrested or placed under residential surveillance and are being strangled by the Communist China system.

The Communist China regime is shaky, and the Whistleblower movement is thriving. Mr. Guo summed up the reasons, one is accumulating merit, the second is the internal infighting of the CCP, and the third is making friends with great masters and Inverse increasing upper edge.


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