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Translated by : MOS Translation Team – GM2020 Gu

On the May 11th Disney earnings call, CEO Bob Chapek told shareholders that while the situation may be complicated, he’s confident that Disney’s doing just fine without the CCP China market. Chapek’s figure for Dr. Strange is a jump above the previously-announced $450 million box office total from three days ago in an international release that excludes China, Russia, and Ukraine. Its US debut alone reached $185 million, ahead of several other films released simultaneously.

On the call, one analyst pointed out that Disney has historically struggled to get its films released in CCP China. But due to CCP China’s incredibly strict censorship and the control of the total number of international films, the release of many Disney films was affected. Films have been rejected, for instance, due to casting actors who have spoken critically about the Chinese government. But obviously, given the movie’s success is hardly riding on the CCP China market. Some movies achieved good box office earnings without being released in CCP China.


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