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Translated by: MOS English Team – mingyue

On May 11th, children and adolescents, the most vulnerable group, are paying the highest price during this epidemic. Judging from the fifth edition of Italy’s child abuse region index that released today, their physical and mental health is worrying.

Image Credit: United Nations Global Compact

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of people entered the emergency room due to suicide attempts, depression and eating disorders has surged, and in the first year of the pandemic alone, the number of admissions to the Italian Society of Pediatrics has increased by more than 80%. Suicidal ideation, depression and eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia) are the main causes. 

Crimes against minors are also on the rise. According to criminal police data, abuse of family members and cohabiting minors increased by 11% in 2020. Child pornography and online solicitation crime also grew exponentially (+77%). 

The pandemic has greatly increased all risk factors for child abuse, and in many situation, poverty, unemployment, deteriorating mental health, isolation and contraction of social relations have acted as detonators. Child abuse remains a particularly serious and pervasive problem in society, having a huge impact on the health of children both short-term and long-term health, physically and mentally. as well as the community as a whole on a board perspective. As children who are abused growing up, they often carry a heavy burden of suffering, creating a vicious circle of intergenerational transmission that can only be stopped by external interventions. 


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