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Translated by:  OX – boylatin1L

On May 11th, 2022, Miles Guo emphasized in the live broadcast that he is 100% sure Japan has now returned to the center of the international stage.  Japan will be the second most powerful military power in the world in the future.  As long as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attacks Taiwan, Japan will participate immediately.

Japan’s current policy in the economic field, proposed by Abe, is CPTPP, the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, which Trump vetoed.  Mr. Guo believes this is an important trade deal for Japan.  It is similar to the most-favored-nation trade agreement that the CCP got back then, and the CCP’s entry into the WTO was the same effect.

Image Source: thediplomat

Mr. Guo also believes that Japan’s GDP will increase from the current US$5 trillion to US$10 trillion by that time.  If Japan’s per capita GDP reaches 10 trillion US dollars, Japan’s military strength and technological strength will rank second in the world.

Mr. Guo speculates that if the New Federal State of China doesn’t exist, China might be disintegrated.


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