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In order to counter the Russian threat, Britain signed a security declaration with Finland and Sweden, and the three countries will support each other when either side of Russia’s neighbors, Sweden or Finland, is attacked.

Swedish Prime Minister Andersson: “If one of the parties is attacked, the UK and Sweden will help each other in every way.” 

British Prime Minister Johnson and Swedish Prime Minister Andersson signed a mutual security declaration on the 11th. The content is that when either country is attacked, the other party will provide various military support upon request, so cooperation in military technology and intelligence sharing will also be enhanced.

Prime Minister Johnson then signed the same arrangement with President Niinistö in Finland.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Sweden and Finland switched from traditional military neutrality. While the issue of joining the military alliance NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has been discussed at home, in this declaration, we can see the need to counter growing pressure from Russia.

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