Translated by: MOS Health Team – baoliaofen

With the expose of the Whistleblower Movement on the evil rule of the Chinese Communist Party and the truth about the virus and vaccines, people with a sense of justice around the world are waking up and completely realizing the true nature of the current governments, political parties, and politicians around the world, now that everyone is in constant danger and no one is absolutely safe!

As Mr. Miles Guo said, “The world is being changed in a once-in-a-lifetime scenario.” The world needs a complete overhaul in all areas of politics, economy, and culture.

The people of all countries will completely abandon their trust in governments and the media after this CCP virus and vaccine issue, as they have not told people the truth about the virus and vaccines in time for their own selfish interests, and people will be utterly furious and defiant. At the same time, a major global economic crisis is on its way because of years of economic inflation, and stagflation caused by the pandemic.

Along with the lack of food and supplies, our fellows at home must be prepared to get through these most difficult days.

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