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According to The Associated Press on May 12, JOHANNESBURG, Africa’s first plant to produce COVID-19 vaccine, said it could halt production within weeks after lacking enough orders.  A senior World Health Organization (WHO) official described on Thursday as a “failure” in efforts to achieve vaccine equity.

Image Source: AP

South Africa’s Aspen Pharmacare (AP) said that it can’t let large-scale sterile production facilities sit idle and will return to the production of anesthetics.  At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company shifted its production and achieved the capacity to produce more than 200 million single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine annually.

“It has been widely hailed as a great achievement for Africa and a game-changer on the continent. But there has been no order follow up.  We have not received any orders from large multilateral institutions,” Stavros Nicolaou, the Senior Director of Strategic Trade Development at Aspen Pharmacare told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Image Source: cnn

The truth about the CCP virus and vaccines is rising to the surface.  The use of fear to control behavior in Covid crisis and making prodigious profits from forced vaccinations are losing steam.  As Miles Guo said, vaccine advocates flinched and held back.  Vaccine over supply; billion shots to expire unused; vaccine plants shutting down.  It seems that no matter how powerful the force is, it is never easy to control the entire world.    


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