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Good day to you, my noble fellow fighters. Today is May 12th. Have you worked out yet?

Since last night’s 2-hour-long impromptu live broadcast, the plunge in the global stock market, especially the Bitcoin drop, has made countless people lose all their money and put their families in ruins!

Not only that, but some stocks in China also plummeted even more since yesterday’s live broadcast, like Tencent, Maotai, and a few so-called insurance companies, as well as real estate stocks… My goodness, it’s too hard for the investors. How can these people survive such a bloodbath? I cannot imagine.

There is no greater pain in this world than this — you are still breathing on earth, watching a bunch of assets which is supposedly your wealth become a pile of debts now. You can’t go to heaven, nor can you go to hell. Your money is still in the bank, it can neither go to heaven nor hell. What’s worse, you can’t even go to the kitchen of your own home — which is a tragedy of the world. 

You go to the kitchen and find no food at all [due to lockdown], yet you must take the nucleic acid test. You may want to die for relief. But you are not allowed to. For if you die, your whole family has to die. So you dare not to die, like the situation of Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba Group). 

You wish to go to heaven? That’d let you off too lightly, right? If you can go to heaven, then your whole family will be sent to hell. That’s the real scary thing!

You have money in the bank, or have invested in real estate, owning lots of properties… but you can’t go to heaven; you can’t go to hell; you can’t even enter your own kitchen.

[🎵Singing] “If you don’t believe, let us wait and see; you can disbelieve, but don’t be forced to take the nucleic acid test…” You must take the nucleic acid test no matter who you are!

Yesterday a fellow fighter told me, “Gee, Brother-7, just as you were talking [about not speculating in the stock market and Bitcoin], I lost all my investments in Bitcoin again!”

I can do nothing about it; some are still dreaming. Basically, I think people who use pipe dreams to deceive others are worse than the devil in the world. Whether it’s Hitler or those big con men back in Roman times — they’re all great deceivers!

I really enjoyed yesterday’s live broadcast when we chatted casually.  I just finished my exercise, and my nose allergy is much better today. Our fellow fighters provided me with many remedies for rhinitis. There are so many remedies, I cannot share them with you one by one. There are all kinds of solutions, [jokingly] maybe the only idea no one suggested yet is for me to drink “virgin boy urine.”

But I am extremely grateful! Honestly, I think it’s an adaptation process; I will get through it. I’ve tried basically all the methods that fellow fighters have suggested, as well as the medications that fellow fighters mailed to me… And I have a big medical team here, the best doctors in the world; they’re all in Manhattan, New York. What are you guys worried about? So please take it easy.

Regarding the current humanitarian disaster in Hong Kong, do you remember what I have told you, brothers and sisters? I’ve told you that Hong Kong would be worse than it was; Hong Kong will become even worse next. Truly, Hong Kong’s disaster has not yet begun.

Hong Kong’s today will be mainland China’s tomorrow; it is going to be even worse in mainland China. Or maybe Hong Kong’s today can be seen as what the mainland was like the year before; an even worse disaster will be coming next.

Now there is a campaign in China to “bring down the tycoons and share their assets.” Are you qualified to be treated as a “tycoon”? Do you have enough assets to be distributed?

[The CCP] does not just want to topple the tycoons and share their assets, what it is doing now is to “pull out their tendons and bones ” and take their lives. —So it is a very tough situation for them to deal with.

I used to play with the daggers a lot. Look. This “flying dagger!” Gee, I don’t want to break the window.

When I was a kid, I always heard people say, “We have a unique scenery here!” Alas, I finally realized until now that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) truly has a unique ” scenery” for all humanity.

To this day, I cannot remember how many times I have told our fellow fighters that you should love your family; love your parents; love your aging father-in-law and mother-in-law; love your brothers; love your sisters; love the people around you…but few take my words! How many have genuinely listened to me?

Many fellow fighters have told me these days — “Brother-7, when we are in quarantine, during the ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown period, the only ones who can help us are our lovers and our family members.”

Lovers, I always find them to be the best. They may betray you, but a truly affectionate lover, who is not motivated by profits, is the most reliable. “Spiritual lovers” included, they may not have the kind of “intimate physical relationship” as everybody thinks, and they are just “spiritual lovers,” like minded people— they can make a difference at a critical time. [Unfortunately] this kind of person is very rare, as rare as hen’s teeth!

But about family — many fellow fighters have felt more, saying, “Brother-7, you are absolutely right! The most essential DNA of a society like China is the family; we have felt it.”

Some people are going from rich to poor, those so-called ex-rich people are falling back into poverty. And their mistresses abandoned them — not only cuckolded them but also sued them, demanding money, even threatening them. Even worse, “food, drinks, properties ” that these people used to own became the target of the robbers (referring to the CCP).

In such a chaotic world, only your parents and your family will not abandon you; only your brothers and sisters will not reject you.

So very often I tell you: as an individual living in the world, if you don’t even look after your parents, if you don’t even love your brothers and sisters, and your families….

Also, children cannot become the “instruments” you use. Your children are your flesh and blood, you should never ask too much from them. As parents, if you cannot protect your children, or raise them, then don’t bring them into this world. If you have brought them to the world, but you cannot protect them or shelter them, then you should stay away from them, give them independence and let them grow on their own. 

If you have the least humanity left, then you should do everything you can to protect your children — this is a basic instinct even recognized by the animals.

So in these cities in China, like Shanghai, Changchun, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, so many fellow fighters said they had felt the warmth of family and the strength of family during the lockdown period.

When Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Binance Exchange, Maotai shares, Evergrande shares, WeChat, Alibaba, Ping An, etc., have caused you heavy losses, you found out that the only “shelter” for you is your family, your relatives, and your trustworthy lover.

Fellow fighters who join the Whistleblower Movement and NFSC should be closer and more sincere than your family or your lovers — only in this way are they good enough to be members of the Whistleblower Movement, or they will be out sooner or later. That is the strength of the New Federal State of China — closer than your families, more loyal than your lovers!

Yesterday I felt I didn’t chat enough with you. Yesterday Fei Fei pouted her lips like this…just as Japanese geishas usually do, they paint the middle of their lips white, and when they dance… It’s very attractive.

When I worked out this morning, I was listening to our own songs the entire time. I was so curious — how could Tang Ping and William Wong compose such great pieces of music? The more I listen to our songs, the more excited I get.

Those songs, for example “Drinking Down The CCP” — which I cannot listen to enough times; the song “H-Coin to The Moon,” — I have the same feeling for it. Why? What can I do with this stuff? The songs “The Terminator Snow” and “A Roar of The Vast Sea” — how come they are so good?

It seems I’m a little too unashamed. I love to hear the songs I sing. So, I keep listening to them repeatedly. What should I do, brothers and sisters?

The New Federal State of China — all those who watch Brother-7’s live broadcast and who support the Whistleblower Movement — will witness that the NFSC emerges from the darkness, in this darkest year of humanity, 2022!

Does this posture [extending arms upward] look like what is in the “The East is Red (CCP’s evil propaganda song)” — representing something to emerge?

[🎵Singing] “If you don’t believe, let us wait and see; you can disbelieve, but don’t be forced to take the nucleic acid test…”

Kiss you all!