Written by: Naughty
Translated by: billwilliam

During his live broadcast on May 13, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo explained in detail the three causes of the recent cryptocurrency rout.

First, the core reasons of the cryptocurrency crash are the Russo-Ukrainian war and the Chinese Communist Party. When the CCP regime has foreseen the United States will impose extreme sanctions against it, it is dumping its assets and transferring money away, which accelerates the collapse of real estate and financial markets in Communist China. As the CCP regime is fleeing from the Western financial system, the entire global market plunges.

Second, in the current global market, Hongkong is preparing for decoupling with the US dollar, and cryptocurrencies are collapsing, while the Dow Jones Index fluctuates wildly. The overprinting of 200 trillion USD of fiat currencies in human history has resulted in global inflation rate of 5-8%.

Global GDP only grows by 50%, while monetary supply has increased by 100%, which means fiat currencies have depreciated by more than 50%. The amount of wealth is greatly reduced as the value of bank deposits have shrunk significantly. The humankind has completed the largest session of Quantitative Easing (QE) in history, and all the economic growth since 2008 is erased. Mr. Guo pointed out that money has evaporated in this economic collapse.  

Third, the impact of vaccine crisis is manifesting all the time, as more and more people realize the imminent toxic Covid vaccine catastrophe. As the vaccine crisis approaches, the humankind will encounter the unprecedentedly dark financial era, including: the collapse of fiat currency, the collapse of most cryptocurrencies, and the collapse of financial products. The Hongkong dollar will disappear while the RMB will become useless wastepaper.

Mr. Guo noted that the massive destruction of wealth is due to the CCP regime’s longest running and most effective unrestricted economic warfare against the West. The subsequent global financial crisis and stock market crisis will persist for a long time. The current round of economic crisis is the most devastating financial warfare in human history.

According to Mr. Guo, the Chinese Communist Party regime will invade Taiwan while Western countries are beset by financial crisis. The recent financial situation indicates that the CCP may attack the island at any time.

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Miles Guo’s live broadcast on May 13, 2022

2022.5.13大直播 全球经济崩溃是中共蓄谋已久的经济超限战