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According to a foreign report on May 11th, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had signed new deals with Sweden and Finland to strengthen European security. In the agreements, the United Kingdom agreed to provide military assistance to Finnish or Swedish armed forces if the two countries are under attack.

Image Credit: Christine Olsson/TT News Agency/via REUTERS

The new declarations, signed by Johnson during a visit to Sweden and Finland on Wednesday, were described by Britain as “a step-change in defense and security cooperation.”

Johnson explained at a news conference in Helsinki, “What it says is that in the event of a disaster, or in the event of an attack on either of us, then we will come to each other’s assistance, including with military assistance.”

The article analyzed that due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Sweden and Finland rethought how to ensure national security. Both countries want to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), but also fear being in a vulnerable position in the process of applying for NATO membership, which typically takes a year.

The report said that Sweden has also received assurances of support from the United States and Germany.

According to Johnson, the new deals will enhance intelligence sharing and accelerate joint military training, exercises, and deployments.

Johnson noted that the nature of any assistance would “depend on the request of the other party” but also stressed that “NATO poses no threat to anyone. It is there for the purposes of mutual defense.”

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