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There was a wave of Covid infection among NFSC humanitarian volunteers in Medyka camp between March and April. The wave had long died down and cautionary measures are implemented such as the usage of masks, hand sanitiser, regular area cleaning and limiting the use of nasal spray to avoid another wave.

65.5% of the world population had taken at least 1 shot of the Covid vaccine, and more than 90% of these vaccinated populations have taken at least 2 shots. The vaccinated can shed spike proteins which can infect the people around them through skin contact and air droplets.

A long period of spike protein production in the body can erode the immune system over time. Many vaccinated are found to have Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). Like AIDS, VAIDS victims have a compromised immune system, and any simple viral infection can become the life-threatening case. 

The biggest digital currency news is the crash of the Luna coin. The stable coin plunged to $0, wiping out billions of dollars from the market. Ironic to its naming, stable coins are anything but stable and Luna certainly doesn’t fly to the moon. Lufax (Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Exchange) is the biggest player, short-selling Luna, deliberately making the cryptocurrency worthless. Lufax had spent close to 17 billion dollars in a public relationship.

The biggest winner in the shorting of Luna is the CCP. Miles was monitoring the transaction at the time of the crash. There were some rebounds and investment money coming in before the finale. In the beginning,  it was a sum of over 80 million dollars which was lost in a twinkle of an eye, then it was a 200 million dollars investment. Next, an institution wanted to use Bitcoins as top-up funds, which is a sign of a deep state entering the picture. There were some moments of dips in Bitcoin prices which is like the dips Ethereum were experiencing, indicating that both Bitcoins and Ethereum share the same owners. People can uncover who the deep state’s players are just by examining the crypto market from 8th to 11th May. Around 50 cryptos including UST and Dogecoin had seen a drop in price, and only H-Coin is able to maintain its value.

The cryptocurrency crash has caused Binance a debt of 50 billion dollars. If Binance pays up, the debt may increase to 100 billion dollars. Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance, has made so many enemies in this crash that his safety can no longer be taken for granted. The entire global crypto market has lost more than half its value from over 3 trillion dollars to 1.5 trillion dollars.

The culprit behind the crypto crash is the China Communist Party. CCP is liquidating all its assets including shares, China concept stocks, Lufax and other scams to hide the money somewhere else. Since CCP is beginning to siphon away all global investment money, there is a high likelihood that China’s property market will crumble. From the fact that no one from the Wall Street deep state has any idea where CCP has hidden the stolen money, it is not surprising that it isn’t difficult for CCP to swindle their money.

The turbulence in the recent Dow Jones suggests signs of manipulation to prevent short sellers from crashing the index.

There are three reasons why the CCP chose this moment to flee with the investment money. First, CCP is aware of impending sanctions from the west due to China’s involvement in the Ukraine war. Second, CCP is preparing for the Hong Kong dollar to decouple from the USD. Third, vaccine disaster has already started, which will bring demise to the current fiat currency system, digital currency system and financial products.

With more than 200 trillion dollars printed in the last two years, the value of fiat currency will continue to drop. Global inflation is at 5 to 8 per cent, while global GDP growth has fallen to half of the previous year. The massive quantitative easing since 2008 will soon devalue all fiat currencies to less than half their value. CCP is most happy to see this destruction of wealth. CCP knows it cannot match the United States in a physical war, so it has to resort to unrestricted warfare such as creating global financial chaos and releasing bioweapons in the form of viruses and vaccines. CCP has been carefully orchestrating the coming financial mayhem we are about to witness, and Zhao Changpeng is part of this plan. This financial war waged by the CCP will bring the biggest economic crash the world has ever seen. CCP wants to create a new financial system that will replace the current one controlled by the West. CCP may also use the opportunity of the world wallowing in financial pain to invade Taiwan.

Taiwanese should prepare the following three things in the event of an invasion: One, prepare for electrical blackout and the cutting of water supply to housing taps. Two, have a place to hide and shelter. Three, ensure there is still means of communication.

The Ukraine war has made many talented people and elites leave Russia and China, resulting in a massive brain drain.

The covid vaccine can cause infertility in both men and women. It is unclear if children born to vaccinated parents can lead a long and healthy life. All sperms and eggs banks in many countries are already secretly moved under military supervision.

There was once Miles said the new NATO, United Nations, Amnesty International and WTO will be based in Kiev after the war and the reconstruction of the capital city. He was ridiculed for this notion, but more people are now beginning to understand that what he said isn’t farfetched at all.

The triangular hand gesture made by many politicians in public places is a masonic hand sign. All these politicians are part of the masonic order.

Source: Miles Guo’s 14th May 2022 Broadcast on GETTR

Published by: Wenwu

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