Renowned cardiologist Dr. Richard Fleming has been compiling data from the CDC that shows how excess deaths spiked following the Covid vaccine rollout, and again after the introduction of the boosters.

“The absolute data now shows us that the consequence of this vaccine has been the production of every one of these diseases,” Fleming said.

New information on spike proteins, 28 co-variants of the Covid-19 virus, excess deaths of people with or without Covid-19, and numbers out of Europe, Israel and the United States show people who are double and triple vaxxed are far more likely to get sick from Covid-19 or the vaccine itself.

According to Dr. Richard Fleming, the gain of function research that has been going on in China for several decades clearly violated the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (OHCHR), the Helsinki Code and the Nuremberg Code.

The federal judge in the Southern District of Texas ruled in ‘Jennifer vs. Houston’ last year that Methodist Hospital could not be held liable for criminal actions because they are not a government. This sets a precedent that the federal government, or any federal government employee, who violates the biological weapons convention treaties, informed consent, the rules that were established in 1947 can be held legally accountable.

None of the gain of function research conducted by Anthony Fauci at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab has been beneficial for humanity. The gain of function research for the corona virus and the vaccines have the same genetic code.

The CDC itself is providing information of excess deaths from blood clots on their own website. The vaccines are causing these excessive deaths from blood clots. Data from Walgreens, the pharmacy giant in the U.S., reveals that the unvaccinated have the lowest positivity rate for Covid-19 and the double and triple vaxxed groups have the highest.

Data from around the world, including insurance companies and health agencies, shows that the unvaccinated have the least amount of problems and the vaccinated people have the most problems, and the unvaccinated are not the ones coming down with massive inflammations, blood clotting and prion diseases.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that this experimental gene therapy has neither been safe nor effective, and despite politicians and celebrities publicly proclaiming how grateful they are that they’ve gotten the fourth booster after getting Covid for the third time, most people are jumping off the vaccine bandwagon.