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According to a report from the media “True North” on May 6th, given that the [House of Commons Ethics Committee] is investigating whether the federal government is suspected of violating personal privacy, the [Public Health Agency of Canada] was recently forced to stop implementing its mass surveillance and tracking of tens of millions planning for family gatherings, out shopping and travel information for Canadians.

Official documents show that in order to obtain detailed information on people’s movements, including tracking their travel patterns, Canada’s [Blue Dot Data Analytics] had previously provided [Public Health] with personal data it obtained from 33 million mobile devices across the country.

While authorities argue that any data collected about individuals’ location movements and behavioral patterns does not contain specific identifying information, such as the name, phone number, email or address of the person being stalked, the parliamentary committee argued that because the government’s use of tracking Surveillance that identifies a particular individual will not protect citizens’ privacy rights and must be stopped and investigated.

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