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According to Canada’s “True North” report on May 7, a former Ontario government worker was fired for donating $100 to the Liberty Motorsports team, and has now sued Premier Ford in court and a media reporter who leaked the privacy of his donation.

Ms. Lingate, who was sacked, is understood to have donated to Liberty in February, when she was Deputy Attorney General Jones’ communications director. However, after the team’s donation information was illegally leaked, a reporter from the Toronto Star immediately disclosed the identity of the donor, and the woman was quickly fired by the Ontario Public Service.

Currently, Lingate is claiming $2 million from Ford and others for illegally destroying his career. His lawyer said that the Ontario government election is imminent now, and Ford fired Lingate because the premier and his campaign believed that taking a stance against the Free Motorcycle Movement would help him improve his political advantage in future elections.

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